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Establishment Location Link to Map Phone Number Link to Profile
33 Golden Street 33 Golden Street 860-443-1193 learn more>
Connecticut College 270 Mohegan Avenue 860-447-1911 learn more>
Connecticut Lyric Opera 165 State Street 860-440-3594 learn more>
Custom House Maritime Museum 150 Bank Street 860-447-2501 learn more>
Eastern Connecticut Symphony, Inc 289 State Street 860-443-2876 learn more>
Expressiones Cultural Center 84 Bank Street 860-501-9278 learn more>
Flock Theater 10 Prospect Street 860-443-3119 learn more>
Fort Trumbull State Park 90 Walbach Street 860-444-7591 learn more>
Garde Arts Center 325 State Street 860-444-7373 learn more>
Hispanic Alliance of Southeastern Connecticut 165 State Street 860-941-9421 learn more>
Hygienic Art Galleries, Inc. 79 Bank Street 860-443-8001 learn more>
Lyman Allyn Art Museum 625 Williams Street 860-443-2545 learn more>
Marquee Gallery 74 State Street 860-428-4903 learn more>
Mitchell College 437 Pequot Avenue 800-443-2811 learn more>
MS17 Art Project 165 State Street 860-694-8321 learn more>
Nathan Hale Schoolhouse 19 Atlantic Street 860-873-3399 learn more>
New London Film Commission 181 State Street 860-447-5201 learn more>
Public Library of New London 63 Huntington Street 860-447-1411 learn more>
Shaw Mansion 11 Blinman Street 860-443-1209 learn more>
Spirit Gallery Tattoo 207 Bank Street 860-443-0484 learn more>
Studio 33 Art and Frame Gallery 140 Bank Street 860-442-6355 learn more>
TDP Art Studio 259 State Street 860-326-7246 learn more>
Teatro Latino de New London Performing in downtown 860-443-8703 learn more>
Thames Club 290 State Street 860-443-5504 learn more>
The Gallery at Firehouse Square 239 Bank Street 860-443-0344 learn more>
The Kitchen Gallery 140C Green Street 860-910-7020 learn more>
The Telegraph 19 Golden Street 860-701-0506 learn more>
Tusana Columbus Lodge SMS of Italy 250 State Street 645-467-6188 learn more>
U.S. Coast Guard Museum 15 Mohegan Avenue 860-444-8511 learn more>
Visual Art Library 165 State Street 917-513-4663 learn more> learn more>
Writers Block Ink 12 Masonic Street 860-442-5625 learn more>

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