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Provenance Center

165 State Street, New London, CT
860-405-5887 Phone

Exploring Cultural Origins

The mission of Provenance Center is to serve as a forum for cultural competence, bringing the idea of cultural awareness and understanding out into the public as a means of community involvement, appreciation and connectedness.

As a forum for the examination of cultural origins, Provenance Center seeks to reveal the commonalities within the human experience. Through discovery of what makes each cultural perspective unique, we can also acquire a better understanding of what is shared by all. While the diversity of cultures and their expression varies greatly across the world, there is no form of cultural expression that is so different or unique that all other groups cannot understand it. Thus, that which constitutes the foundation of all cultural expression is part of the collective experience of mankind.

It is further the position of Provenance Center that the principles of social justice rightfully extend to all forms of life, and those in the position to effect change and influence the quality of life for others are morally accountable to engage in such efforts.

website: www.provenancecenter.com