Hodges Square Workshop
TUESDAY 010813
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7:00pm to 9:00pm
Building upon the ideas and enthusiasm from previous workshops designed to create a plan for creating a vibrant urban village at Hodges Square Business District, an upcoming workshop will bring the process much closer to the overall vision. Leading the workshops will be Art Costa, Jerry Sinnamon, and landscape architect Brian Kent. Art Costa and Jerry Sinnamon will address governance - how does the business community want to create both short and long term initiatives that will eventually be adopted for development within the community? What models for that governance might work best?

Workshop participants will then break into groups to brainstorm: what is the best way to launch one, or several, organizations responsible for proposing and overseeing business and public space improvements in Northeast New London. Participants will discuss the different types of governance, and how they see that fitting in with the urban village Hodges Square can become. Groups will examine both existing and new resources – including alternative ways to finance whatever projects are chosen for development.

In addition, the workshop will also review the results of the December Workshop, but anyone can attend and participate. Brian Kent, landscape architect, will address one of the key concerns raised by the Hodges Square Business community: how do we make the area inviting, and create a sense of place, where people linger, and relax. Brian Kent has some statistics: about 11,000 vehicles zip by Hodges Square every day, as Williams Street is a major artery for traffic. He will present ideas to have traffic slow down, and view Hodges Square as a destination stop rather than a passing blur during a commute. Strategies include attractive buildings, streetscapes that provide both sunny and shady spots to sit and relax, as well as tree-lined sidewalks, which are wider – all elements which will create that village feel so conducive for strollers and bikers. Business will benefit from easier off-street parking, while public art could be used to celebrate the spirit of the community. Brian will present conceptual plans that explore the potential of the Williams Street corridor from Connecticut College to the I-95 bridges and solicit input from workshop participants.

CREATIVE PLACEMAKING for the Riverside Park Neighborhood is made possible by a grant from the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and the Office of the Arts.

For more information, email sandy@newlondonlandmarks.org or visit www.newlondonlandmarks.org.

Location: Polish American Legion, 51 Central Avenue, New London